Half term heads up homework

After half term, we will be continuing to look division in maths. We are teaching the children an approach that will allow them to solve all division calculations, including long division. This approach is slightly different to some other approaches that some of us,as parents, would have learned at school but we have found this to be the most successful method that the children have learned. The children will be bringing home a how-to sheet to help them practise and learn the method as well as a sheet of challenge problems. Check out the video below as well!

Long division-the Ecton Brook way


Year 6 poetry recital

Last week, year 6 were given homework to find a poem that they liked and to bring it in to share. We had a vast range of poems from both children and staff alike and we enjoyed listening to the ideas people had for performing them. Here are some pictures from Bellinge Campus:

Grammar homework due on Friday 3rd November

when we return from half term, we will be looking at a group of words known as prepositions. There are several times of prepositions and we would like the children to do the following:

1. Write a definition for time prepositions. Give examples and create a word bank.

2. Write a definition for place prepositions. Give examples and create a word bank.

3.Write a definition for directional prepositions. Give examples and create a word bank.

4,Write a definition for agent prepositions. Give 3 examples.

5. Write a definition for place prepositions. Give 3 examples.

6. Write a definition for place prepositions. Give 3 examples.

This hotlink will help you!
Types of prepositions

Online Safety Assembly

We had a fantastic cross-site assembly today performed by students from @rushdenacademy about being safe on-line. The students demonstrated the risks of accepting chat requests from people we don’t know and how it is easy to share personal information without realising. We need to remember our school rules for keeping safe on line. We would like to thank the students for such an informative assembly. For more information, please log on to: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

Grammar homework-parenthesis due on 20th October

We have recently been studying parenthesis in class. The children have been learning about three ways of showing parenthesis. we would like the children to complete the following:

Write a definition of what parenthesis is and show the three ways of punctuating it. The children will need to then apply their understanding and add parenthesis to these examples:

  1. The football match went into extra time.
  2. The boy had forgotten his PE kit.
  3. She combed her hair as she gazed into the mirror.
  4. James is an outstanding footballer.
  5. Did you leave your bag in the classroom?
  6. My family are buying a new pet from the pet shop today.
  7. Mathletics is how we do our maths homework.
  8. He grew up in a street in Northampton.
  9. The train pulled away from the station.
  10. Year 6 is when we get to go to a theme park.


Science Lesson Information – week beginning 9th October 2017

Science Lesson for the week beginning 9th October 2017

This week, to begin rounding up our unit on the Circulatory System, you will be writing a report.  To give you more information and revision on report writing take a look at the links below before your science lesson this week.




Science Homework Help

Homework help video clips can be found if you follow the link below


The link will take you to the BBC BItesize revision page and there are video clips and learner guides that you may find helpful when completing your homework this week.