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This is a great space to wax lyrical about what you hope to achieve with your blog. Write it with your children so everyone is clear whether you are aiming for just the sky or are shooting for the moon. Any rules, values or expectations can be agreed and slipped in here too.

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  1. Hello Year 6 and all the others, I’ve just come to take a look back at my old school I once went to, I remember the days when the school used to be called bellinge primary school. However, I hope that everyone, teachers included and all years, are doing wonderful as always. ^-^

    From, Connor Bailey, once a student at ecton brook primary school bellinge campus.

  2. It’s kady from ecton brook I’m now in year 7 in weston favell I miss u all and the students if all the yr 6’s are reading this listen to the teacher don’t get in trouble ecton has changed my life a lot if I didn’t go there I don’t know how I would be this cheeky and play football and know what 2 add 2 is (4) and good luck 😉 yr6 on ur SATS there is nothing to worry about I believe in all you have a nice life an time in school hope u all get in the secondary schools u want and I miss u allll and saying bye Northampton academy an weston favell are so straight forward i… I hope I see u all again byeeeeeeee

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