Matters of the heart – practical science in year 6

Year 6 had their fingers on the pulse of practical investigations today as the looked at the inner workings of the heart. Children didn’t miss a beat as they worked together to label each part before dissecting them. 

Some of the adults were not made of quite as stern stuff as the children!


10 thoughts on “Matters of the heart – practical science in year 6

  1. it was so so fun; in the end I was the only one in the group who was cutting.
    I was in a group with Jazz, Louise, Keavy, Oliver and I. Two days after we all found some pig heart fat under sonny’s table.

  2. It was gross at first and i din’t want to touch it but then i did!!!!
    And i even put my finger through the holes and i holded it up but when we finished it smelled so bad !!

  3. thnk you mrs oxlade.i know i didnt touch it but it was amazing to find out that a pigs heart is the closest to ours!
    😉 XD q;) thanks for the amazing experience

    I LOVE SCIENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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