Grammar challenge due on Friday 29th September

Next week, in our grammar lessons, we will be investigating adjectives and noun phrases. We would like the children to attempt the following challenges. They may either post or bring in a paper copy of their work.

  1. Define what an adjective is. Create a sentence to demonstrate their understanding.
  2. Investigate and give 5 examples of nouns that can be turned into adjectives. Examples of this are: help- helpful, beauty-beautiful.
  3. Explain the term noun phrase and give two examples showing what one is.
  4. Find 5 common adjectives and find more powerful synonyms. Big= huge, colossal, ginormous, gargantuan, vast.


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  1. Summer Linnell grammar Homework
    1. An adjective is a word that describes something. The fat, little chicken was happily eating seeds.
    2. Hair- Hairy stupid- Stupidly Dash-Dashing Sad- sadly Happy- Happily
    3. A noun phrase is a sentence with a person place or thing for example:
    We have a pigeon called Percy. The best film ever is Harry Potter.
    4. Small- tiny – little- micro- miniature
    Fat- chubby- over-weight
    Happy- cheerful- joyful
    Angry- mad- furious- raging
    hot- warm- boiling

  2. Amber Linnell Grammar Homework
    adjective=a describing word
    The fat, juicy, cute pigeon was eating all of the bird food.

    2. common-commonly
    quick- quickly
    create- creatively

    3.noun phrase= a noun phrase is a sentence with a noun in it. My mum is a TA at Ecton Brook .
    Percy is a fat pigeon.

    4.common adjectives=small: tiny, micro , little , miniature
    fat, chubby, over weight
    happy: joyful, merry, jolly
    angry: raging, mad, furious
    sad, unhappy, upset, tearful,

  3. 1.An Adjective is a describing word,
    The man, whose house was green, went to the shop

    2. Hair-Hairy Live-Lively Create-Creativly Joy-Joyfully Dash-Dashing.

    3.A noun phrase is a sentence with a noun included in it.
    My cat sat on her bed. A flock of birds flew over the tall trees.

    4. Small- Micro,Tiny,Little,Miniture,Compact

  4. An adjectives describes an object
    Happy= happily
    A noun phrase gives more information about the word.
    1. jeff rode on a skateboard
    2. there is a tall man
    common adjectives and their synonyms
    1.small=miniscule, microscopic, miniature,pace, acceleration,dashing
    3 tall= gigantic, massive, towering
    4 wide= broad, vast, spacious
    5.hard=solid, muscular,hench

  5. An adjective is a word that describes another word. ‘The water was diamond blue.’
    beauty-beautiful. happy-happiness. angry-anger. help-helpful. sad-sadness.
    My mum is very helpful. My dad is full of anger


  6. 1. The dog, who happily ate his food, loved his owners.
    2. Happy-Happily Kind-Kindly Cry-Crying Sad-Sadly Cross-Crossly
    3. Sam went to the theatre. The flower swayed slowly.
    4. (Small) Tiny, Little, Mini, Micro (Shiny) Glistening, Glowing, twinkly
    (Angry) Threatening, Annoyed, cross (Scared) Meloncolie, Devistated,
    Nervous, Horrified (Big) Collosal, Large, Massive, Ginormus

  7. an Adjective is a describing word

    The little,hungry boy sat at the table as his dinner was prepared
    hair-hairy, help-helpful, beauty-beautyful, sad-sadly, cross-crossly
    The boy in the blue jeans. a beautiful red dress
    small, tiny,minute,microscopic. big,huge,massive,ginormous,colossal. fast,dashing,swift,rapid,accelerated. happy,cheerful,contented,delighted,glad. sad,bitter,melancholy,mournful.

  8. 1]an adjective is a word that can be put together like the transparent waters are like a pressure sapphire


    (small) small,mico,mini,tiny,little, (big)big,huge,large, (shiny),shiny,glowing,twinkly,glistening

  9. mum who happily ate her food loved her children.
    2.happy-happily kind-kindly cry-crying sad-sadly cross-crossly
    3.After that she went on to her large phone.

  10. 1. my mum who jolly ate her food loved her child.
    2.happy,happily,kind,kindly,cry, crying
    3,after see went on to her large phone
    4,(small) tiny,little,micro.

  11. 1. my mum who jolly ate her food loved her child.
    2.happy,happily,kind,kindly,cry, crying
    3,after see went on to her large phone
    4,(small) tiny,little,micro.

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